First Assignment

Send an email message to me at with the subject “Assignment 1” giving me some information (in around 50 words) about what you see yourself doing ten years from now

Go to the CS101 message board and post a message (consisting of approx. 50 words) about how we could make the contents of this course more suitable for your individual needs.  The subject for this message should be “Assignment 1”

Consult the CS101 syllabus for the submission deadline 

Reading Assignments 

Please make sure to read the assigned material for each week before the commencement of the corresponding week. Reading that material beforehand will help you greatly in absorbing with ease the matter discussed during the lecture. Check your e-mail often for announcements related to this and other VU courses

A suggestion about unfamiliar terms

We try not to use any new terms without explaining them first

However, it is not possible to do that all the time

If you encounter any unfamiliar terms during the lectures, please note them down and consult the GLOSSARY provided at the end of the “Understanding Computers” text book for their meaning